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Welcome to this website on Symmetry and Spectroscopy


This website has been designed to assist Group theory courses that are taught at The University of Hull Chemistry Department. This course involves the symmetry and structure of molecules. The geometric shape of a molecule give rise to it's properties (like the electronic structure and spectroscopic signature). The partnership is provided by the molecular symmetry.

The website is divided into the following sections :

The meanings of all the symmetry operations are listed here.
Here is an interactive simulation for identifying the point group of a molecule. Used in inorganic chemistry for spectroscopy purposes.

Character Tables

For each point group there is a character table that identifies which rotation or vibration constitutes to the peaks seen in spectroscopy.

Interpreting IR and Raman Spectra

To interpret the spectra both qualitative and quantitative analysis can be performed. The rotation that bring about the peaks on the spectra can be found by reduction.


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