2. Applications Of Vector Algebra To Analytic Geometry

2.1.               Introduction

2.2.               Lines In n-Space

2.3.               Some Simple Properties Of Straight Lines In Rn

2.4.               Lines And Vector-Valued Functions In n-Space

2.5.               Lines In 3-Space And In 2-Space

2.6.               Exercises

2.7.               Planes In Euclidean n-Space

2.8.               Planes And Vector-Valued Functions

2.9.               Exercises

2.10.            The Cross Product Of Two Vectors In R3

2.11.            The Cross Product Expressed As A Determinant

2.12.            Exercises

2.13.            The Scalar Triple Product

2.14.            Cramer's Rule For Solving A System Of Three Linear Equations

2.15.            Exercises

2.16.            Normal Vectors To Planes In R3

2.17.            Linear Cartesian Equations For Planes In R3

2.18.            Exercises

2.19.            The Conic Sections

2.20.            Eccentricity Of Conic Sections

2.21.            Polar Equations For Conic Sections

2.22.            Exercises

2.23.            Cartesian Equation For A General Conic

2.24.            Conic Sections Symmetric About The Origin

2.25.            Cartesian Equations For The Ellipse And The Hyperbola

2.26.            Cartesian Equations For The Parabola

2.27.            Exercises

2.28.            Miscellaneous Exercises On Conic Sections